Cetuvi Artist Collaborations

Cetuvi Artist Collaborations

At Cetuvi we value art as a shared experience.

Art’s ability to unify goes way beyond the intimate connection between creator and observer. It has the ability to cross political borders, overcome language barriers, and ignore superficial b.s.

Art expression might very well be the only thing in this world that truly speaks for itself. Even if an artist’s work is misinterpreted, the cliché expression about beauty being in the eye of the beholder ultimately rings true. 

Art needn’t be a contest where egos battle it out. We collaborate with, and celebrate, other artists to create something even greater than possible on our own. And not to wax on all poetic or anything, but what’s a sunset if not for the clouds? What’s an ocean if not for the pull of the moon? What’s gin if not for the tonic? Okay, you get the point. Together we make beautiful things, but obviously it’s what you think that matters. 

We select artists that share our like-minded mission to play nicely with others. Each handbag is completely original with the actual work embedded into the sides of the handbag, not a cheap mass-market reproduction. Often we even cut up a larger body of work, to drive home the notion that we are all just part of something larger and more beautiful.

Each artist showcase page gives you an idea of the individuals whom partner with Cetuvi to create one-of-a-kind handbags. Besides sharing the limelight, Cetuvi also splits profits with collaborators (and altruistic endeavors, see Stream of Consciousness). Too often corporations capitalize on creativity without giving credit where it’s due. When placing your wallet into your new Cetuvi handbag, feel confident that you also put cash into the pockets of everyone involved in realizing your mobile art piece. 

 If you’re an artist who feels your work would translate well using this mobile medium, please contact us! *Note: Your work can be no thicker than 3/32 of an inch in order to work within the design specifications of our handbags. Oh, and your ego can’t be too big either.


Cetuvi x Stan Herd

"A Yunnan-imous Tote"

Cetuvi x Jason Lessans

"Put A Ring On It"

Cetuvi x Sherri Cobb

“Tipping Point: Setting an