Cetuvi Definition

Cetuvi (sét-too-vee) n. The title of one-of-a kind artisan handbags conceived by merging the names of people and places from which artist Jefferson Pezzella derived inspiration, namely, cenotes, Tulum, and his friend Vitali.

But the definition depends upon your perspective. In Hindi cetu vi is a peacock or “saphuluk.” (That works, you can certainly strut your stuff with this mobile art.) Corsicans take it to mean, “Do you see?” While Romanians often use it as a turn of phrase for, “That’s where you are.”

Art’s like that, meaning different things to different people. It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, if you use it to show off, for abstract amusement, or as a meditative muse to simply “be.”

Hey, it’s your handbag. You put the “u” in your Cetuvi.